About Us

Arokyasuvai.com focuses on delivering information related to food like vegetables, fruits, nuts, species, beverages, and more. We are committed and strive to deliver accurate information on our website. Food is an essential one in everyone's life and that is the sole reason for our arokyasuvai’s posts.
In short, Arokyasuvai is a food and health-related website, which includes research, facts, and more. Our information on this website continually strives to maintain accuracy and quality. The motive of this "arokyasuvai.com" is to highlight the importance of food in our hectic lifestyle. It also enforces people to understand that “Nature is our mother”.
An extensive collection of blogs is available in Tamil and English. You can go through them at any time at anywhere. Our collective blogs are presented in detail to show how it makes your life healthier and happy.
Many of us like to look good and also follow a diet to stay healthier. Arokyasuvai also serves information related to beauty food secrets, diet, food habits, the composition of food, intake of calories for a day, food applications, cold drinks, foods that keep medicine and doctors away, and so on. 
A perfect picture is shared in our posts to have an idea about the appearance of the food items. All the images are perfectly scaled and optimized to provide high-resolution without any quality loss. Arokyasuvai also covers a wide range of food practices all over the world. So, without going anywhere you can choose any of your preferred food styles here.
Apart from delivering information, Arokyasuvai also indulges in social activities like food offerings, food donation, and sometimes serves food for the poor people. If you’d like to know about it, you can reach us.
Arokyasuvai also takes you to the food explorer world where you can watch a lot of cooking videos, travel and traditional restaurants in and around, food news and updates, and more.