Do you know about the popular herbs used in cooking?

Green herbs are used in cooking to enhance the aroma, flavor, and color of the food. Foods that are prepared from herbs just require a little number of leaves. The reason behind this is herbs usually have high antioxidants and also keeps your food fresh for a long time.

A recent study - Millets reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

A recent analysis shows that consuming millets in your daily life helps to fight against cardiovascular diseases, strokes, and another heart-related diseases. Millets have a lot of health-enriching properties which are good for heart health. Therefore, it is necessary to know about the millets now.

Hyderabad-based organic food firm serves customers across 50 countries

In the year 1999, Rajashekhar Reddy Seelam’s father was suffering from cancer. Due to this, Raj was aggrieved and decided to find a cause for his father's cancer. After deep research, he found that the consumption of adulterated food is one of the major causes of life-killing diseases.

It is wise to switch to organic foods

Organic foods are essential to lead a healthier life for people of all age’s. Moreover, organic food plays an important role in keeping our planet healthier. How this makes our planet healthy? - Organic farming work follows our old farming practices (chemicals free) and thus protects our planet.