Best alternative food for rice

Until about 30 years ago, Ragi was the main food in rural areas and small towns in Tamilnadu. People preferred this cereal as the price of rice was very high back then. People used to make Ragi pulp the night before, in clay vessels. The next day this is dissolved in buttermilk and drank.

Pomegranate power and prevention

Pomegranate is not a native of India, however, it can be said that it has been mixed with the life of the Tamils since ancient times. Afghanistan was once the cradle of the pomegranate in the world.

Drink plenty of water or else your body may lead to dehydration

The universal fact states that the human body is filled with 70 percent water. Since everyone needs to drink a sufficient amount of water for a healthier life, water is an abundant source. The familiar statement shows that we should take 8 glasses of water for a day.

Make the following changes in your daily diet to prevent cancer

Cancer is one of the dangerous diseases which lead to death if not detected and treated at an early stage. It is not easy to detect the growth of cancer cells initially because it has no symptoms and pain at the beginning stage. It is quite hard to treat and cure the next stages of cancer.

Dietary rules to protect your body

In a hectic life, we are running out of time even to eat. However, food is responsible for the production of energy in the body, the growth of cells, and the healthy functioning of body organs. We need to be careful in choosing our food.

When and what to eat before workout

Knowing when and what to eat can make a big difference in your workouts. We are talking the difference between a good workout and a great workout. Everyone is different when it comes to eating and exercising.

Dont forget Okra in your diet must

Many people do not like ladies' fingers or Okra. Let them set aside this because they do not know the glory of Okra. Okra contains carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, calcium and iron. Eating Okra promotes knowledge development and enhances memory.

This sugar story is not so sweet

If you have sugar craving, you may find it difficult to resist sugar items. Desserts, chocolates, cold beverages, and juices all contain a lot of white sugar, which means we consume a lot of calories from them. Not only is refined white sugar addictive, but it is also harmful to your general health.

Are you eating too much protein?

The spicy taste of tender meat, cottage cheese, fish, and eggs fills our plate with the joy of happiness while eating. We believe that these dishes even make us look fit and healthy. Is that true? Too much consumption of these in our life is not good for our health.