Natural treatment of Coronavirus using Heart-leaved moonseed, orange and turmeric

Corona will be with us forever, however, we do not have to be scared about it. There is no solid proof that the virus started spreading from Wuhan in China. Similarly, there is no evidence of it spreading from birds and animals. Meanwhile, China had recently accepted that it had destroyed the initial samples of coronavirus. We do not know how far this news is true.

Do you know the best places to eat tasty Idli in Chennai?

Idli is a healthy food that is healthy suitable for all seasons. At certain restaurants in Chennai, Idli can be eaten crispy and hot, with chutney to touch, idli podi or powder, sambar, and other side dishes. You can see some restaurants like that here.

Adathodai able to cure vocal cords

The medical proverb, ‘If you see an Adathodai, if your unable tongue also sings, that is why you will sing,’ emphasizes that the Adathodai is able to cure vocal cords. It also hints at the scientific fact that it destroys germs that are surrounding the larynx. Adapted is an important enemy of phlegm-related diseases such as colds and coughs. It continues to be used in villages as an extension of the proverb ‘coughing gum’.

Thondai mandalam organic Farmers Food Festival on April 10 and 11th

Awareness about organic agriculture has been increasing in Tamil Nadu for the last few years. Occasionally farmers co-operate with themselves. One such agricultural group in the name of Thondai Mandalam Organic Farmers Group(தொண்டை மண்டல இயற்கை விவசாயிகள் குழு). The group is hosting a traditional rice and food festival on April 10 and 11. This group is also invited to Tamil families to attend the event.