Dietary rules to protect your body

In a hectic life we are running out of time even to eat. However, food is responsible for the production of energy in the body, the growth of cells and the healthy functioning of body organs. We need to be careful in choosing our food. Everyone needs to know about the general dietary rules, including choosing healthy natural foods and things not to do after eating.

Healthy eating habits

Foods that are rich in high-quality minerals such as spinach, freshly picked vegetables, and fruits are considered as first quality. Foods rich in protein such as flour, sugar, fatty grains, legumes, and nuts are secondary. It is important to include both of these in our daily diet.

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Digestible food is better than nutritious food. Eat only food that can be digested without causing disease. It is important to understand your body and to know about hereditary diseases. If there is a disease, its severity, type of disease and foods to avoid should be noted.

Dietary rules to protect your body


Fruits, vegetables, greens, coconut, sprouted grains, and sprouted legumes are good foods for the body. Eat more breakfast every day. Breakfast is a very important meal - it can either make or break your day. Breakfast should not be skipped for any reason. During night food should be taken in moderation. It is better to take foods that contain wheat, semolina, ragi and whole grains, avoiding rice as much as possible for dinner. Thus, the sugar level will be under control.

Do not drink water between meals. Thus, the efficiency of the digestive acid secreted in the stomach will decrease. Digestion will be delayed.  Consuming more or less calories can ruin your health. The calories our body needs will be used depending on the work we do in our daily lives. Each person will need specific calories depending on gender, age, body weight, heredity, time of digestion, and daily work.


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Things not to do after eating

After eating, the blood flow should go to our abdomen. When bathing in hot water after eating, the blood flow goes to all areas such as the hands and feet to cool down the body. As a result, blood flow to the abdomen is reduced and food is not properly digested. So, take a bath half an hour later or take a bath two hours after eating. Fruits should not be consumed before or after eating as it will lead to the formation of gas. It is best to eat fruit two hours after a meal or an hour before a meal.

Do not drink tea after eating. Tea contains high levels of acids. This, along with the protein molecules in the diet, can complicate food digestion.  Do not smoke after eating. Studies show that 'one cigarette after a meal has the same effect as 10 cigarettes'. Thus, the chance of getting cancer increases. Do not loosen the waist belt after eating. Those with a belly will loosen the belt at the waist after eating. As a result, the food eaten immediately goes into the intestines and falls off, causing indigestion.

Do not walk after eating. There is a belief that walking immediately after eating is good for the body. This is incorrect. As this happens immediately, the nutrients in the food will not be able to be taken up by the body. Do not sleep after eating. If we go to bed after eating, the food we eat will not be properly digested. This can lead to the formation of unwanted gas and germs in the stomach.

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