Do you know the best places to eat tasty Idli in Chennai?

Idli is a healthy food that is healthy suitable for all seasons. At certain restaurants in Chennai, Idli can be eaten crispy and hot, with chutney to touch, idli podi or powder, sambar, and other side dishes. You can see some restaurants like that here.

Mylapore Sangeetha Restaurant

Sangita, located near the Ramakrishna Mutt near the Mylapore bus stand, is a place where you can eat idli food both in the morning and in the evening. Without even knowing it melts in your mouth, tastes amazing when you touch the idli podi and push it inside your mouth. The sambar, caramel chutney, mint chutney, or coconut chutney served with idli will all suit and taste amazing.

West Mambalam Kameswari Restaurant

This restaurant is located on West Mambalam Railway Station Road. Idli is available in the morning and evening, and Idli has both pumpkin sambar and peanut chutney to touch. Peanut chutney is reminiscent of chutney served in restaurants in Madurai. Idly will be large in size. Chutney would be a super side dish to this restaurant rather than sambar. If you eat two idli you will get the satisfaction of eating four idlis. Large in size but inexpensive super idli is the special feature of this food stall.

Royapettah Chicken or Kozhi Idli

Kozhi Idli, located on the street opposite the AIADMK headquarters in Royapettah, is very popular. Crowds flock here to eat Idli from noon tonight before the Corona period curfew.
Chicken gravy is always something suitable for idli. Mix the hot chicken broth with the hot Idli and beat until it tastes unmatched. In addition, if you eat Idli chicken gravy along with a variety of chicken recipes called Pepper Chicken and Chili Chicken at this Idli restaurant, you will push more Idlis into your stomach than you would expect to eat Idlis. The Idlis and side dish of this restaurant is so delicious. Here is a combination of garlic broth along with idli. That too tastes good. Dish with spicy garlic broth and spicy chutney combination with idli is so wonderful, those who do not like non-vegetarian can try this combination here.

Thiyagarayanagar Balaji Bhavan

Idli is very tasty and hot in the morning and evening at this restaurant in Pandy Bazaar, Thiyagarayanagar. Sambar is a side dish to idli and sometimes Kadapa is also available in Andhra style. Idli powder to touch with idli is one of the highlights of this restaurant. The idli served on the banana leaf, the side dish is all about adding extra special flavor. Special to go here if you want to eat hot Idlis.

T.Nagar Green Cafe

This is an organic restaurant. Idli is only available here in the evening. Mint chutney and coriander chutney would be wonderful for it. Not to mention the sambar. Sambar made with organic ingredients that do not harm the stomach will taste like eating at home. The thought that you can eat a little more if you eat hot Idlis can bring taste and satisfaction.


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