Are pizzas from Slyce any better?

There are just 4 things that distinguish a good pizza from a not so good one. Here they are:

1) Base: A well cooked and a well aerated base is the first and foremost requirement. For me the litmus test of a good base is if you can eat the edges without any accompaniment

2) Sauce: the second most important component of a good pizza is its sauce - neither too sweet nor too tart. I love the garlic flavour in it but have seen many kids don't appreciate it. One has to keep kids happy as they are one of the biggest influencers, if not the consumer of pizza.

3) Cheese: Ofcourse, I can't imagine my pizza without cheese. And more the merrier. The quality and mix of cheeses plays a huge role in making a pizza gourmet. Those liquid cheese are definitely avoidable.

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4) Toppings: Apart from the other 3 characteristics, quality and quantity of topping also defines a good pizza. Can't stress enough on the freshness of veggies or the quality of meats

Are pizzas from Slyce any better?

You must be wondering why suddenly I am talking about pizzas. This is because for lunch 2 days ago I tried pizzas from Slyce, a new delivery only brand from Zorawar Kalra's kitty. He is one person who knows his food. With so many brands under his belt, he may not give enough time to each one but I have seen how much time he devotes when a brand is still building. And this attention shows in Slyce which is entering a very cluttered and low entry barrier - pizza segment.


Are pizzas from Slyce any better?


For me pizzas are best eaten at the outlet just out of the oven. Like a Neapolitan loses its gooey base or can't be repeated properly in a delivery format. And this is where most outlets go wrong. They deliver the same product which is there for dine-in format. 

Slyce is a delivery only product and they have done their homework right. It ticks all my boxes for a good pizza. With 6 accompaniments including regular oregano and chilli flakes (both of which I didn't try as pizza were delicious without having to add anything), 

I loved the addition of pepperoncini, red paprika, toum sauce and jalapeno mayo. Pepperoni was one of the best and the crust didn't sit heavy on the stomach or bloat after finishing the meal. Had I got chilli oil with the pizza it would have been sone pe suhaga. 

While pizzas are gourmet, pricing is not. At just Rs1118 (after Zomato discount and delivery charges), 2 medium size pizza - Artichoke veg and 2X pepperoni are totally worth it. Available on Zomato and Swiggy.

-Pawan Soni

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