Zomato Food Delivery App add Home style mini-menus


The food delivery giant app zomato recently added their app for covid patients diets foods mini menus for home style foods.

The company founder Deepinder Goyal announced through his official twitter handle 

“We have added this feature to locations covering 85% of our order volume. We are adding more such mini menus to existing and new locations on war footing. To all our restaurant partners who were quick to respond and do this with us, a big thank you!

We just launched home style mini-menus along with thousands of restaurants across the 




Here’s where you can find home style mini-menus (aka 'ghar jaisa khana') on the zomato app. For everyone whose parents are struggling with health, cannot cook, or have no help – please order for them, or even better, teach them how to use the zomato app.

Over the last few days, one of the most requested features on @zomato has been – a selection of home style food for people battling poor health.”


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