Daily 3000 people have the khichadi at Varanasi Khichdi Baba Temple

Food For Poor 

Khichai Baba Temple

Poor Feed at Varanasi

While walking towards Dasaswamedh Ghat.. near Vishwanath temple gate number 1, this place caught my eyes. This temple is of Saint Khichadi Baba. It’s the belief of the people of Kashi.. that here with the blessings of Lord Shiva and Goddess Annapurna, not a single soul here sleeps hungry. 

The temple of Khichadi Baba is the living example of serving meals to the poors,  pilgrims and people from any walks of life each and every single day of the year. When I asked the person in charge.. The gentleman told me that it’s been going on for centuries  started by the Saint himself.. 

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All the grains and vegetables that the Saint received from people was cooked together.. and made into Khichadi..  The Khichadi was then served to all the people from all walks of life free of cost.

Khichai Baba TempleThe legacy is still carrying on.. the present person in charge said that his ancestors served the Saint and now he is the 5th generation is incharge of this noble work. The donations given by the good samaritans are used to make the khichadi and daily approximately 3000 people have the khichadi. 

In due respect to the Baba, Khichadi is a customary food item prepared on Makar Sankranti here in Banaras. It’s also said that Khichadi was introduced to Lord Shiva by the Baba..The person in charge said that his ancestors built this temple here of Khichadi Baba and his disciple Harihar Baba, as the Baba used to serve the Khichadi here itself… This was such a heartwarming thing to see. 

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