At Bengali Food fest Fish steamed and served wrapped in banana leaf was divine

First week of the New year' 23 and very first #Foodfest at the #RadissonBluMarina #ConnaughtPlace #NewDelhi very well executed by Chef Pankaj Jha and his team offering authentic Bengali cuisine with their heart n soul put into it to curate a fantastic menu with all popular and liked delicacies of the cuisine. To give the right feel, decor and attire worn by the team gave the perfect look of Bangal and soft Bengali music playing added to the experience.

To relish the Chatpata food there is a Chaat counter with Puchka, Churmur Chaat, Jhal Mori along with Ghugni Chaat with Kolkata Rolls. We tried Puchka which is little different from our Golgappas but tastes good and the nice crisp Churmur chaat was good to set the tone for an elaborate menu with delicious starters and mains.

Bengali Food fest   

Lip-smackingly delicious and popular starters like Mochar Chop, crisp Posto Bora and Chena Chop served with Kasoondi ( mustard chutney) were mind-blowing and were a vegetarian delight. Non veg - Chicken  Kabiraji Dim-er Devil ( boiled egg with yummy coating) were equally good in Bhetki - Fish  steamed and served wrapped in banana leaf was divine. 

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Mains like Popular- Chingri Malai curry - prawns simmered in coconut milk n hot spices, traditional Kasha Manghso Dum Aloo with Peas Kachori tasted ultimate. Basanti Pulao, a little sweetish with Moong Dal was another great combination. The pictures are saying it all too - a real delightful meal indeed. 

I personally am not very fond of Bengali sweets like Sandesh which is a bit dry. I prefer our gulab Jamun over Rasgulla. Misti Doi n Kheer Kadam or other popular sweets one can enjoy here. Full marks to Chef and his team for curating a great menu and served with enthusiasm made the experience quite memorable

Sangeeta Bahuguna

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