Adathodai able to cure vocal cords

The medical proverb, ‘If you see an Adathodai, if your unable tongue also sings, that is why you will sing,’ emphasizes that the Adathodai is able to cure vocal cords. It also hints at the scientific fact that it destroys germs that are surrounding the larynx. Adapted is an important enemy of phlegm-related diseases such as colds and coughs. It continues to be used in villages as an extension of the proverb ‘coughing gum’.

‘Adhatoda vesica is its botanical name. Evergreen shrubs can be found along the banks of the river. Like sugarcane, adathoda has been an important weed crop. Mangoes grow finely with spear-shaped elongated large leaves. White flowers are a sign of this. The causal name ‘Aaduthoda’, which is derived from the fact that goats do not eat Adathoda leaves, may have been derivative as Adathoda. Although it has a bitter taste, the benefits are very pleasant. Adathodai can be seen as a bitter offering provided by nature to cure Kapa diseases.

Vasocine, a chemical found in the leaves of the plant, has a bronchodilator effect. Two chopped apricot leaves, five pinches of pepper powder and five pinches of mustard powder are boiled well in water and used as drinking water for immediate benefit to asthma sufferers. It can also be used as a winter preventive measure. Vasicine, Vasicinol, Tannins, Saponins are the chemicals present in the Adatodai.

‘Bromhexine’ is the ingredient in syrups given to control colds and coughs in modern medicine. From a chemical called ‘Vasicine’ hidden in the leaves of Adatodai! In tuberculosis-based clinical research, chemicals extracted from the Adatodai tissue have been shown to work better.

Due to its bitterness, Adatodai leaves can be taken in the form of honeydew and drinking water. It also acts against toxins. Dilute a mixture of Adatodai, Licorice, Cinnamon, Alam and Pepper in water and boil it well. It cures a runny nose, headache, cold and dry cough.

The leaves can be plucked directly from the plant and used. Otherwise, the leaves can be dried and powdered and used as needed. If the small stalks of Adathodai are buried in the soil and the foliage is kept at the tip and watered regularly, it will grow quickly as a medicinal plant.

Adatodai prevents kapanoy and strengthens the voice. The song 'Nature's Singer!', Which stops the coughing of 'Kaneer Kaneer' and gives the vocal richness of 'Kaneer'.

-Dr. V. Vikramkumar, MD (S)

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