Top 9 Reasons to feel good about eating with hands

Top 9 Reasons to feel good about eating with hands

We all heard that "India is an incredible country." Have we ever taken the time to think about the reasons behind this popular quote? If not, here are the amazing reasons behind the simple things which we do in our daily life. Let's continue reading to find the interesting facts and reasons that surround this amazing quote. In our modern lifestyle, some of us, majorly when we dine outside, follow the habit of having food with a spoon. 

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And some people like to have food only through spoons, not ready to have food by hand. The truth is, we all have food only with our hands. You may think of it as a silly one. But the fact is, while we are eating food with our hands, it will benefit our chakras and also helps in the proper blood circulation system. Beyond these points, there are a lot more reasons that everyone should follow about this practice. So, from now on, follow the habit of eating with your hands and continue reading how it unimaginably benefits you.

2.    Helps in increasing our blood circulation:

Whenever you eat with your hands, it is a kind of muscle exercise that significantly improves your blood circulation. Also, this even helps to get rid of lazy bums. So, start eating with your hands from now on.

3.    Intensifies connection with your food:

Having Indian food makes you feel intense when you have it with your hands. That unsaid feel cannot be observed in spoons and forks. 

Helps digestive system

One Holistic nutritionist, an author, and exercise physiologist said, "Having Food with your hands establishes a great connection between you and your food, therefore you always have a satisfying feeling when you have food."

4.    Helps digestive system:

As per the Ayurveda rule, whenever you're taking food with your fingers, you unintentionally form yogic mudra, which activates the sensory organs. So, that helps to keep prana in balance finally. When you are taking food with your hands, the nerves on your fingers experience it and send signals to the brain to release digestive juices. This is how the food tastes better when you're having it with your hands.

5.    Direct effect on Chakras:

As per existing Vedas, the tip of our fingers relates the heart, third eye, solar plexus, sexual, throat, and finally the root chakras. So, when we have food with our hands, the movements and touches activate the chakras and try to benefit us in all possible ways.

6.    You will come to know the heat level:

If you're having food with a spoon or fork, you might not feel the hotness of the food. But when you touch your food with your hand, you can analyse and protect sensitive tissues of the tongue from burning; this is analysed by quick receptive powers.

7.    It is completely hygienic:

It is completely hygienic to have food with your hands. Make sure you wash your hands well and have food. 

Helps in increasing our blood circulation

This will keep you hygienic all time, instead of having food with a spoon or forks.

8.    Don't use cutleries:

Can you have your favourite paratha or roti without using any cutleries from now on? This is a best practice to avoid cutleries during your food time.

9.    Bones and Fishes:

We know that the majority of the food is non-vegetarians. Can we have those foods without using our hands? Not possible! 

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So, throw all the cutleries and enjoy those foods by having them with your hands forever.

10.    When Food is served on Leaf:

During any festival time or on any special occasions, the majority of Indian people serve food on a long banana leaf. So, does it look good when you have food with a spoon or fork? Not at all! So, it is good to use your hands to avoid food spilling. 

-Surya Ashok 

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