Has Chennai restaurants returned to normal

Many people who are bored with eating at home often prefer to go to a restaurant and dine with family or go out with friends.

But, starting in March 2020, the number of people going to a place with their family due to corona epidemic has completely decreased. Corona epidemic time constraints, including social distance, had bound us. The government has allowed 50 per cent of customers to sit and eat in restaurants and cafes since the last 6 days due to the low spread of the epidemic.

We inquired at some of the restaurants how the business is doing as the restaurants have been open for the last few days. First we went to Saravanabavan Restaurant near Ashok Pillar in Chennai.

We spoke to a manager there and said, “We have 40 branches in Chennai. We closed up to 8 branches due to corona lockdowns. 32 stores continue to operate. During last year's lockdown  and this year's lockdown we were only giving parcels.

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Due to the lockdown relaxations announced by the government, we now allow only 50 per cent customers in 32 branches in Chennai. We only allow customers to test their body temperature. We advise customers to adhere to corona infection controls.

Ordering via zomato, Swiggy was high due to corona restrictions. Parcel order is now reduced from the July 5th. We understand that the public prefers to come and eat directly at the restaurant. The spread of corona infection can be reduced if customers follow the rules of corona infection without fail. We hope the government will allow 100% of customers to sit down and eat,”said the manager who spoke to us.

Next we went to Tiruchendur Mani Iyer Restaurant in Ashok Nagar. The restaurant, which had been operating for only a few days due to the lockdown, remained closed for several days. Mani Iyer Restaurant in Thiruchendur opened in Ashok Nagar, Chennai last year. The afternoon was captivating customers with new plans such as Unlimited Dining with the South District flavor and Unlimited fiffen in the morning. The restaurant reopened just two days after the government announced the relaxation. Customers have started flocking here again for Unlimited Lunch. Many customers wait and eat because only 50 percent of customers are allowed. Some go back. The management of Tiruchendur Mani Iyer Hotel hopes that full-scale working will take place soon.

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They say the restaurant’s business is not the same as it was before the Corona era. But, they denied that they could not say openly about it. They say regular customers come because the parcel is priced the same for both eating at the restaurant. They say business will be better if 100 percent of customers are allowed.


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