Methi ka thepla & dahi to be followed by hot Assam chai for break fast.

This was my first order of business from a young entrepreneur in software field . Jatin Mehta. Now settled in New Zealand. He had dietary restrictions and had to had breakfast dinner or lunch on time. One day he called me up and fired me that I am wasting my time on FB uselessly. And gave me my first order (other than the free loaders I had gathered and who have now suddenly disappeared from my life for good). 

One man's breakfast grew to breakfast and lunch for entire staff on each Saturday for 8 long years. Along with I was to a large extent firmly on my feet in this magic world of catering. Remember each person who eats your food is your ambassador and here appraisals wont take place in March but then and there itself. These words were firm in my mind. 

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The small company was taken over by a major US MNC. There was a brief hiatus. Due to change in policy by the company & local municipal authorities , the food service was stopped. But then, due to non-availability of breakfast there was attrition as no vendors were available. So the journey began again. And yes, these young ladies and gents are my real walking talking advertisements. They wont give a feedback but will ensure I get one new customer each week !

Thank you Jatin i know you are not much on media. But still. These are not the theplas that I had served. The image is archived. In those days and more often now I dont depend much on photographs. Let the food speak for itself.

Vinayak Naik

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