Photo Story: Covid-19 can cause the immune system

COVID-19 can cause other diseases in a coronavirus-infected patient, but can its variants cause autoimmune disease in humans? Everything you need to know is right here.

3/1 According to preliminary research, severe Covid-19 can cause the immune system to produce so-called autoantibodies, which attack healthy tissues in the body and cause a variety of difficulties. COVID-19 causes an autoimmune response, which leads to an increase in oxidative phosphorylation in cells and a larger release of free radicals.

severe Covid-19 can cause the immune system

3/2 Covid-19 and its variations, such as Delta, are highly contagious and lethal viruses that can provoke an autoimmune response early in the course of the disease. The coronavirus causes a high autoimmune response in the body called a cytokine storm, which is an inflammatory response of the body against the infection, after 5-7 days of infection.

Severe Covid-19 can also cause thrombogenicity

3/3 Severe Covid-19 can also cause thrombogenicity, which is an immunological response in which the blood thickens and has a higher potential to clot, leading to vasculitis symptoms such as lungs, ARDS, and renal problems, among others.


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