Umpteen health benefits of dried dates

Are you fond of tasting sweets in your dishes? And there your fitness bothers you? It's time to get rid of that now! Dates are an ideal fruit for a treat. It tastes delicious and its outer flesh is nutrient-rich. So, it is added as the best alternative to sugar. Dried Dates in Hindi are known as Chuuaras. Their dense composition proves that it is healthier than fresh dates and its high source of nutrients in dried dates servers as the perfect immunity booster. Go through below to know the health benefits of adding dried dates to your daily diet food.

What makes dried dates so healthy

Dried dates are processed by drying the flesh dates under the sun with no moisture. However, this process produces the dried dates with dense nutrients. The dried dates contain abundant fiber, vitamins, and minerals like Fe, K, Mg, and Ca. What else you need more? The presence of Calcium and Vitamin C are essential to boost immunity. The additional components strengthen our bones and teeth, helps to fight against catching the flu and other infections. Also, check few more reasons why it is still important to add dried dates to your diet.

Good for heart Health

Do you know this amazing benefit? Dried dates tend to improve heart health. The presence of low fat in dried dates reduces the density of lipoprotein or bad cholesterol in our blood flow.  This significantly helps in the continuous improvement of heart health. Additionally, dried dates have rich potassium and low sodium, which further helps to maintain blood pressure in control and also tend to avoid strokes at maximum.

Improves Metabolism

Dried dates is one the best fruits that serves more antioxidants. The intake of anti-oxidants helps the digestive process and also stimulates metabolism. The huge amount of healthy soluble and insoluble fiber improves bowel movements and also provides relief from constipation problems. In short, the daily intake of dried dates helps in better absorption of foods. However, it is not good to consume too many dates because they are rich in calories.

​Improves gut health

Generally, dates are an ideal pack with healthy and dietary fiber. The natural presence of laxative properties improves bowel movements and constipation problems. In short, dried dates is the best way to improve digestion as well as gut health.

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Great for bone health

As mentioned earlier, dried dates have a high level of calcium, which is essential for strong bones, dental, and also boost bone health all over the body. The daily intake of dried dates in your diet can improve your bone health. This further reduces the occurrence of osteoporosis and arthritis. Dried Dates are an ideal one for children as it helps in strong bone development.

Why eating dried dates is beneficial to your health

Dried dates have glucose and fructose in form of natural sugars. These natural sugars boost your energy levels as soon as you consume them. The regular intake of dried dates supplied the stamina required for your body. Dried dates are good for children’s growth and development. If you have diabetes, consult your doctor before adding dried dates to your diet plan.

-Bharathi Surya

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