Thondai mandalam organic Farmers Food Festival on April 10 and 11th

Awareness about organic agriculture has been increasing in Tamil Nadu for the last few years. Occasionally farmers co-operate with themselves. One such agricultural group in the name of Thondai Mandalam Organic Farmers Group(தொண்டை மண்டல இயற்கை விவசாயிகள் குழு). The group is hosting a traditional rice and food festival on April 10 and 11. This group is also invited to Tamil families to attend the event.
The festival also features a huge village festival, livestock exhibition, traditional paddy, and rice varieties to be marketed. Admission to the festival with food will be free of cost. 
The festival committee has appealed to the participants, to come with the children of the future community. In this way, they have been able to give the present generation the golden bud of our traditional way of life. 
The compulsion of present lifestyle to invite travel the path of natural way of life. Polur Irwin Farms invites everyone to come to this festival as we will return to a natural way of life and create a painless community.

Place of ceremony; K.M. Natural Way Agricultural Farm, Thakkankulam Village, Arcot Road, Ranipettai District. Mobile number; 9245114321


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