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The concept of work from home is to work safely inside the home in an environment where you do not have to leave the house. But it is often misunderstood by many as a job that is done at a convenient time, in a comfortable place, in comfortable clothes, and with comfortable food. Along with the challenge of being able to complete office tasks right at home, maintaining health without gaining weight in this environment has become another issue. The mind is the cause of everything. If it is conditioned in the right way, it is possible to maintain health without gaining even a kilo of weight. 

Here are some tips to control your eating habits while at work from home.

Do not skip breakfast

Do not get up in a hurried manner and binge on whatever is available. This has to be avoided. Do not skip breakfast for any reason.  Eating breakfast regularly will also help you to avoid overeating throughout the day. You will constantly feel hungry if you skip breakfast. As a result of this you will start to eat more sweet foods.


Healthy Options for Breakfast

* Lentil dosa, chutney and sambar

* Cereal upma and chutney

* Egg

* Musili or cereal, milk extracted from nuts and fruits* Nutmeg porridge

To avoid dehydration

Food rich in water content plays an important role in weight management. Many people who seek weight loss advice find that they drink less water than they should every day. Emphasise the need for liquid foods and you can see that weight reduction becomes easier. Consuming lots of liquid foods can make the stomach feel full and prevent more calories from entering the body through other foods. Soup, broth, buttermilk, lemon juice, juicy vegetables and fruits can be added to meet the body's water needs. Also drink enough water. Keep in mind that on a normal day one needs to consume three to four liters of water.

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Pack lunch

Think about what is the Choice for a Healthy Lunch. It is an important meal for the day, You may have the urge to eat more as you are at home, beware. If possible, pack your food in the lunch box. 

what is the Choice for a Healthy Lunch

Healthy Options for Lunch

* Rice, pulses, vegetables

* Quinoa, lettuce and fries

* Bisibelabath, Fry

* Pulao, Raita

* Biryani, Raita

* Rice, Mixed Vegetable Curry

Try to make the above colorful. Avoid eating everything you like at your own time because you are at home.

Appreciate yourself!

Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. Many people are more likely to lose faith in weight loss easily because they are at home. Think of ways to keep yourself excited. Don’t forget the need to be at the right weight and the effort it takes. Check often what your goal was in the weight loss effort and where you are in it. Believe that you can maintain your health even when you can't leave home. That belief is the most important thing right now.

Workout at home

Working out does not mean you have to run to the gym, bar, or partner to look for friends. The thing about fitness is that it should excite you and make you happy. It can be done anywhere and anytime. You can be fit even in this environment where you have to stay and work from home. Decide on the fitness routine you can do first.

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Plan your day accordingly. Set aside 15 minutes for fitness between work breaks. You can do any number of exercises at your location, including yoga asanas. You can contact a fitness trainer by phone or video and ask for specific exercises for you.

Dinner is also important

Give enough importance to dinner. Do not eat anything you want as you go to sleep. Engage yourself enthusiastically in dinner preparation from planning the menu to chopping vegetables. 

Healthy Options for Dinner

* Bread and non-vegetarian curry

* Dosa and Vegetable Curry

* Soup with protein rich food

A lot more advice and instructions like this can be given, but it is up to you to make the effort.

-Baskar Sai 

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