Secunderabad Paradise biryani, flavourful and refreshing

Though I had opportunities to taste the PARADISE Biryani at Chennai and Bangalore I refrained from doing so since I wanted to taste them only in Hyderabad when I got a chance. I learnt that the marination is common from the main kitchen but the Biryani is made at the individual branches. Since I dint want to take a chance, travelled all the way to Secundrabad to the head branch.

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At the first morsel of briyani into your mouth it was just 'semmmmaaa'. Paradise truly deserves all the hype and hulla bulla created over their biryani. The chicken piece was so succulent and felt almost like a fresh cream cake(the chicken Briyani was suggested by the waiter upon a Mutton one!) 

Paradise biryani


Their masala was mild, flavourful and refreshing. For the first time I could find some cumin in a briyani! ! The briyani was well rounded off by itself, the raitha and the mirchi ka salan actually disrupted the Briyani's flavours.The restaurant was a whooping 1500 seater capacity. I guess this must be the largest one in the country.

Deepak Elango

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