Are you eating too much protein?

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Proteins you intake plays an important role

Proteins also help to improve our heart functioning

Too many proteins increase the cause of kidney stones


How much protein is good for health?

If you’re aiming to lose or gain weight or finding ways to boost your immunity, then start consuming protein-rich foods. The amount of proteins you intake plays an important role in sorting out all the health-related concerns.

The spicy taste of tender meat, cottage cheese, fish, and eggs fills our plate with the joy of happiness while eating. We believe that these dishes even make us look fit and healthy. Is that true? Too much consumption of these in our life is not good for our health. Whenever we need to consume protein, we generally rely on negative reasons and try to avoid it. But, in practice, we used to get benefits from the food we eat. Do you know how much protein is enough for a body? And what is the level of too much protein? If you want to know about it, continue your reading and get updated.

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Protein is an essential one in our food because they are the building block of the cells in our bodies. The right proportion and intake of proteins can strengthen our bones, muscle strength, and naturally heals the tissue’s wear and tear in our body.

Besides, proteins also help to improve our heart functioning, repair cell, and tissue damage, bone strengthening, and muscle development keep the brain active and healthy. So, proteins are the biochemical functions of the human body.

Proteins for weight loss

The great inclination towards health and fitness helped the protein-rich diet food gain prominence as they revive metabolism. However, this helps people to lost weight and curbing their appetite. Some diet foods like Atkins and Paleo are preferred by weight losers and gainers. Is too much protein is bad for your health? Continue your reading. 

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How much protein do you need?

It is not easy to say how much protein should one take? It is tricky because the proportion varies based on body type, lifestyle, and so on. But the recent study shows experts suggests that male and female should take around 56gms and 46gms.

Expert recommends the amount of protein intake depends upon the individual age, weight, and lifestyle. Assuming that someone is trying to gain weight, then the intake of protein should be around 50-52 grams if the person weighs around 64kg. For some people who are planning to build muscle fast, then they should ideally get 10% of the calorie from the protein consumption. Also, some foods help to maintain the level of protein in our body. Some of them are soy, legumes, lentils, salmon, lean meat and bones, and a few more. These foods not only help to boost immunity. However, it also regulates growth by keeping the calories in control. Always remember to take the amount of food at a moderate level.

How much is too much

Again this one also varies from person to person’s body and health requirements. So, it is tough to predict the amount of protein without a physical examination of the body. The experts also say too many proteins increase the cause of kidney stones. Some diet-rich foods like red meat can cause cardiac disease and risk of strokes through they are protein-rich. This is because of the level of saturated fats released in our bodies. Muscle fitness lovers should take at least 125 grams for a day. In case you are including protein to be fit and healthy, then the best option here is to intake plant-based proteins like seeds, nuts, legumes, soy, lentils, and so on.


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