How to avoid the worst breakfast habits

If your belly bloats or gains weight abnormally, then check whether you have any of these following habits – for your belly especially.Several research and studies from time to time have significantly shows us that breakfast is the foremost important meal for a day in everyone's life. It increase alertness, concentration, and a high-quality diet surely helps you to lose fat and even it continually helps to have a bloat-free tummy.

Having a regular breakfast almost benefits in reducing belly fat. The daily breakfast starts metabolism and thus reduces the risk of obesity. These are outspoken by famous nutritionists like Lauri Wright, who has completed a Ph.D., RDN, FADA, and LD, is a registered dietitian/nutritionist and also one of the best spokesperson for the Diet & Nutrition academy.


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The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey proved that regular breakfast eaters, at a higher rate, were having BMI below 25. If you're are also the one longing to have a flat belly, then you must avoid bloat.

Indian Foods For Healthy Break Fast

Amber Pankonin, MS, RD, LMNT, a registered dietitian and founder of food blog Stirlist says, “Bloating can cause disturbances to diet, hormones, and other medical conditions like food allergies, intolerance may also occur”. So, it is quite important to reduce bloat first. To reduce it through diet foods, it is a must to eat a high-protein breakfast along with fiber to reduce or avoid constipation problems. If you are taking a high-sugar breakfast for a day, then it may discomfort you by making you feel hungry or unsatisfied.

Fiber is the best belly-fat buster.

Dr. Wright also says, "People who have fiber-filled breakfast is preferably good because fiber is a natural appetite suppressant. It not only increases your metabolism also it helps one to consume calories required for the day”  Your routine breakfast goal surely impacts your flat belly goals. Some of the 6 habits are mentioned below to know what to eat and how to eat healthy foods for a day. Try to include these in your food habits for flat belly goals.

1. Don’t Skip Breakfast

To normalize the appetite, it is very important to break the fasting first. People who skip breakfast hurry to overeat the meals, snacks at a later time. Sometimes, this also rushes one to take unhealthy food due to hungriness. If you follow these types of habits, definitely it doesn’t help you for a flat belly goal. If you don't have time to take breakfast, try to have at least a hard-boiled egg along with fresh fruit rather starving.

2. Don’t eat too fast

Pankonin even said that those who tend to eat food faster can have belly bloat problems. As you know, digestion starts from the mouth so it is important to chew the whole food properly before you swallow it. If you try to shove food in your mouth, then it can cause some indigestion problems and also it takes you into the path of mindless eating where you can certainly gain additional weight.

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In case of insufficient breakfast time, you can take your breakfast while you travel as it keeps you healthy and energetic for a long time.

3. You skimp on Protein

Dr.Wright says “It is easy for everyone to have breakfast with lots of carbs with foods like bagels, cereals, and croissants. But, it is essential to skimp to protein as it lowers blood sugar and avoids early hunger feeling.” The protein intake is considered good because it keeps your blood sugar stable for such a long time. You can even take avocado spread on a whole-wheat toast, Greek yogurt with fresh fruit, or even a veggie omelet.

Don’t eat too fast in front of TV or Moniter

4. Munch on Fat-free muffins or scones:

Pankonin says, “Pastry items in the market are maybe fat-free but they can high calories, carbohydrates, and too low in protein.” He also says, “It is important for every one of us to have a balanced breakfast meal – Balanced carbs, fat, and protein in a breakfast as it provides enough nutrients required for a body.” The right proportion of nutrients in a breakfast meal reduces the urge to snack before lunch meals.

5. Choosing a lot of Pre-packaged breakfast choices:

 “Pre-packaged foods may attract you with a healthy cover, but most of them are packed with added sugar, which is not advisable. For instance, pre-flavored oats have nearly 20gms of sugar, granola with 17gms of sugar, and other breakfast bars have at least 13gms of sugar in it,” says Dr.Wright. The amount of sugar in this packaged food is supposed to deliver only more calories and in the worst case, it can only provide you energy for a short time. One can feel tired, shakiness, and even hungry after some 20-30 minutes.

The best food choice here is to opt for whole-grain cereals or oats self-flavored with almonds and berries as it will provide you long-lasting energy for at least 3-4 hours. These foods are even packed with a lot of fiber, vitamins, and minerals content that will make your stomach satisfied and also helps to beat the bloat.

 6. Drinking lattes with high-level sugar as a breakfast

 Pankonin also said that those who are just consuming coffee with sugar as a breakfast might hurry in finding something to have after reaching the destination. This habit, after few days, will add additional pounds on the scale if you're not maintaining those calories from your routine morning beverages, snacks, and so on. To know more about unhealthy beverages, it is good to find what the unhealthiest Coffee drinks are.


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