South Indian restaurant Amrutha Vilas opens at California Sramon valley

One of the south indian restaurant Amrutha Vilas, opened on July 26, 2023.

Inside seating 37

Patio seating  35

Total 72

Line up, Order, pay, get seated.

Food is served in disposable plates with disposable cutlery. You clean up after yourself.

I came at 6:35 pm just before the rush. Found a seat for myself and ordered

Mini Ghee Karam Idly

Onion Rava Masala Dosa (Masala on side)

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The onion rava masala dosa came in 15 minutes. The onions were provided raw on the side.

It was not cooked along with the dosa. I am used to the onions cooked along with the dosa and a dash of ghee on my Rava Dosa and that was definitely missing. Had the chopped onions been sprinkled on the griddle first and then the batter was poured it would have been better. The chutneys were flavorful. Peanut/coconut chutney and tomato chutney.

Amrutha Vilas At sanramon valley

The Sambar was andhra style and flavorful. At the time of writing this review at 7:16 pm my Mini Ghee Karam Idly had not arrived and I am feeling bad to occupy a table when others are waiting.

This is their first week and all dishes are 50% off till tomorrow. I would be back to try other dishes on the menu soon. I got my Mini Ghee Karam Idly at 7.20 pm. It was served with three chutnies. The ginger and green chili chutney was out of the world. I would have liked my Karam Idly spicier. It was bland. There was an overload of ghee. They can definitely cut down on the ghee.

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