How to make Mangalorean type Mutton Sukka

Normally, on Monday we prefer to have veg food as most weekends from Friday to Sunday are non veg food. But there is something called business compulsion. As such today had to side step the option and obey the customers.

On Saturday, a guest arrived for a wedding from Solapur. Earlier he had tasted my food some days back. He happened to travel to Mumbai for a wedding scheduled on Sunday. As a courtesy he asked me if I would like to have anything from his Gaon. Shamelessly I requested him to get Jowar Flour as it goes well with mutton.. I got my stock yesterday evening & as per the guest requirement made Mutton Sukka, little bit Manglorean type. for his family of 12. 

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I also made some gravy as we would like to have it with rice. What is unique about Jowar flour from Solapur. One, in Solapur district most farmers do not use hybrid Jowar its traditional one as such the rotis don't crack while making. As you can see in the pic I have cut it with a knife.

Recipe : Boil mix parts of goat meat, mostly the rib or the seena so that you can lift the piece with the help of bone. While boiling add three four tez patta, few cloves, few green cardamom slightly pressed , 

one javitri and small piece of cinnamon. Once boiled remove the meat and keep aside. Make mutton masala by grinding : One half grated coconut which is well roasted till golden brown, three onions which is well roasted till golden brown, few pepper cors, jeera, dhania & saunf. Dry roast 8-10 dry red chillies and add to the mixer. 

Make a thick paste. Heat oil in kadai. When hot add one tsp of red chilli powder. Then add one finely cut onion. The three tsp garlic and one tsp ginger paste. Stir well. When the aroma goes add the mixer paste and three finely cut tomatoes. 

Mix well till tomatoes are cooked. Add two tsp of red chilli and one of haldi powder. When masala leaves the sides add the meat pieces and cook well. When done remove the pieces with little masala and keep aside. To the balance masala add the water in which the meat was boiled. Cook till boil if you want to add more red chilli powder do now. Check for salt . Add good amount of coriander and close the flame.

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