Delhi Saravana Bhavan Sambar and chutneys have been the highlight

The world’s largest South Indian vegetarian restaurant chain. They have even started their food trucks outside now. To begin with, SB was, at one point, extremely famous for its excellent dosas, vadas, filter coffee and idlis. You come to Delhi and if you’re a fan of South Indian food, people will take you directly here. Over the years, quality has fallen down dramatically. The place has it’s good and bad days.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m not the person who gives out bad reviews publicly. Food is an art and sometimes it’s a hit or a miss depending largely on an individual’s taste bud. But there are a few things which cannot be ignored. I think I’m stepping here (same outlet) after approximately 6 years.

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I went around 11 AM. It was pretty full but I got a place within 5 minutes. The entrance had an extremely bad smell, probably they were yet to clean or they left the mops there after cleaning. Once you go to the seating area, all you can smell is the aroma of sambar. Sambar and chutneys have been the highlight of this place. Even though the chutneys were slightly less salted, the taste was great. Sambar was really good.

Delhi Saravana Bhavan I’ve missed this sambar, a lot! I began with a vada which was decent, then ordered a ghee masala dosa. And I completely forgot how big it is. It took me time but I was glad I could finish but the walk back to B block was stressful . Anyway, the aloo stuffing was really nice. Had a distinctive ghee aroma, was soft and smoothly mushy as I like it. I am not at all fond of the chunks of aloo palya they often stuff dosas with in restaurants. This is perfect for me. Dosa was pretty decent, along with the chutneys. Had ordered a mousambi juice which was on-point!

The conclusion being, SB seems to be not working hard enough after battling that extremely difficult controversy. Normally people would do anything to try to remake their image but these guys seem to have given up. At one point, I was just a bit sad. I have great memories with this place and this seemed just not okay. My friends did tell me that sometimes, the food is good, especially on Saturdays when the crowd is magnanimous.  Ofcourse there are better places now. But then, keeping consistency is important. Hope they get better.

-Sinchita M

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