Eat 7 Fibre rich Foods


  • ·         Doctors always advise including fibre-rich foods.
  • ·         Roughage is another name for dietary fibre since it includes a portion of plant-based food.
  • ·         Since fibre is a natural source, the regular intake of it brings a lot of benefits to our health.


The intake of fibre-rich foods in our daily diet helps to improve the digestive system, cardiac system to function well, and finally boost the immune health of a human. We come across many nutritionists and health experts saying to include fibre in our daily diet to lead a healthy life. Some of them may not be clear with what is fibre exactly? Dietary fibre is also known as roughage is nothing but a part of plant-based food. When we consume plant-based foods, the enzymes present in the human digestive system are not easily broken. The fibre which is broken down and absorbed by the human body helps to prevent unwanted absorption of food by the body. Roughage is generally used in the colon area and even the digestive system uses it as a fuel to keep it healthy. On the other hand, fibre-rich diet food helps to fight against digestive-related issues like constipation, reduce the pain that generally causes while passing stools, and so on. Along with many digestive benefits, the rich source of fibre content foods in our diet also makes you look fit and healthy. It solves our internal organs problems by promoting good heart health, and thus reduces the risk of stroke and regulates blood sugar levels.

Here is a list of foods that helps you to widen your knowledge and decide about the dietary fibre in your foods. Below mentioned few foods available our streets and Medical stores or If you have ordered online also like Bigbasket, More Store, Reliance Fresh, Local Super Market ect.

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Banana is a natural high-fibre rich fruit. It is believed that banana is an essential fruit to relieve constipation problems. Though it is having a good source of potassium and Iron, adding bananas to your regular diet makes you stay happy with good digestive practices through the yummy banana dishes.

Banana is a natural high-fiber rich fruit.


Oats are one of the best modern supplements that are a rich source of fibre. Health advisors even suggest oats consumption at regular intervals is good for the human body. Since oats are available in varieties like oats upma, oats granola bars, and more, they can be taken in a form as one wishes to have. Oats matar cheela is the latest oats recipe, which includes the goodness of green beans and chilies to get you a delicious breakfast.


Many of us know lentils are a good source of protein, but the unknown fact is lentils are also a good source of high-fibre content. Adding lentils to your diet keeps you active with high energy levels throughout the day. Khilli hui khichdi recipe is one of the best recipes that include the source of 3 different types of dhals in form of a healthy meal.


The other name of flaxseeds is linseed. It comes from a flowering plant. They are tiny seeds that are highly rich in fibre and protein. It is believed that flaxseeds improve bowel movements in adults and diabetic patients. The flaxseed raita recipe is a tastier and healthier recipe to take in your existing fibre-dietary plan. It is also good to take grounded flaxseeds mixed with tangy yogurt and a mint as it is the perfect meal.

Tiny Flaxseeds that are highly rich in fiber and protein

Apples and Pears:

It is good to take an apple and a pear with skin as they are the rich source of fibre. Taking an apple with skin is as good for human health as the skin contains more fibre than the inside fruit. It is better to eat fruits as such as they are, instead you can also have bars like apple and cinnamon crumble bar when it is prepared with skin.


Broccoli is a high source of vitamin C along with the presence of dietary fibres. Broccoli flavour-packed vegetable is even enjoyed sautéed with little oil and garlic. Or you can even try the multigrain broccoli paratha recipe as it is one of the tasty meals.

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Nuts are high-source of fibre. Almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts, pistachios, and many are the best rich fibre nuts. It is good to have a bowel of mixed nuts in the morning as it benefits the human health system in many ways. You can even blend them with different types of fruits and milk in the form of a smoothie, shakes, and so on.


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