Do you know about the popular herbs used in cooking?

 Herbs can be used for medicinal uses 

Add fresh oregano to pasta, pizza

Parsley to be avoid  kidney stones

These Six Herbs will spruce up the flavor and aroma of the food you taste. Green herbs are used in cooking to enhance the aroma, flavor, and color of the food. Foods that are prepared from herbs just require a little number of leaves. The reason behind this is herbs usually have high antioxidants and also keeps your food fresh for a long time. Apart from cooking purposes, herbs can be used for medicinal uses too. E.g. Mint, Oregano, Parsley, Rosemary, Thyme, and coriander are some of the common popular herbs, which are generally used to enrich the food with flavor and aroma for a long time.


Oregano is one of the naturally grown herbs with high antioxidant content. You can see dried oregano sprinkled on pizzas and most of us consume it. Instead of consuming man-made herbs, it is good to taste fresh oregano as it has numerous benefits with unmatched taste. You can even add fresh oregano to pasta, pizza, and salads by mincing it to the right amount. It is easy to cook oregano; also it enhances the flavor in your dish.

Oregano is one of the naturally grown herbs


The physical appearance of parsley resembles coriander, but on a closer examination, you find parsley is a different one. Generally, parsley can be used while preparing soups, sauces, salads, and while cooking vegetables. On the other side, it can also be used for baking food items like potatoes, and so on. Parsley is the best herb that shields us from the formation of kidney stones. Since vitamin A and C are a must for our eyesight and bone health, it is good to consume parsley in the form of herbs.

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How many of you know that rosemary is an herb with high antioxidants? Yes, it is one of the popular herbs and it has high antioxidants. Rosemary, in Latin, refers to "dew of the sea". Rosemary is easy to use while cooking veggies, chicken and meat marinating, and so on. The finely chopped rosemary leaves are added to soups and stews for a refreshing aroma around them. Rosemary leaves helps in boosting immunity, improves digestion, and also help in blood circulation. Since rosemary supplies a strong lavender-like aroma, it is processed to produce several fragrances and other essential oils. 

rosemary is an herb with high antioxidants


Mint is one of the common kitchen ingredients in our kitchens. Since Mint-chutney is one of the best chutney recipes in India, it is known as a signature of traditional Indian foods. The chutney extracted from mint leaves enlightens our plate with herbs. 

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Apart from it, mint leaves are also added to the drinking tea to retain the refreshing flavor. Chewing some raw mint leaves gives you maximum benefits. The biggest advantage of mint leaves is; they act as a mouth freshener, calm your anxiety, immunity booster, and also aid digestion.


Thyme is one of the cooking Mediterranean herbs that are generally used while preparing Italian, French, and Middle Eastern recipes. Thyme is also used to season meat, soups, and sauces. Thyme offers great medicinal properties and this is a reason for this popularity among people. It is good to take Thyme as it helps in controlling high blood pressure, treat acne, and so on. Generally, Thyme is used to cure cough, a stomach infection, and sore throat. Since this herb is a combination of lemony, spicy, and warming aroma, it is processed to make a lot of fragrances and oils.

Thyme is also used to season meat, soups, and sauces.


Coriander leaves are one of the most-liked popular here for many people. Cilantro is another name for coriander. Coriander, in India, is used as a garnishing herb in many dishes due to its amazing aroma and flavor. Let it be biriyani, curry, dal, or any dish, finally fine chopped coriander leaves are added to retain the flavor of the food. On the other end, coriander has a warm and nutty aroma in a form of citrus.


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