Hotel Asal Marathwada all kebabs were properly tanned

A few days ago, I recently visited Hotel Asal Marathwada at Kokane Chowk Pimple Saudagar. Spacious space, good parking available here. Marathwada residents serve veg and non-veg dishes made in black spices. Along with it there are tandoor foods.

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We tasted Angara Kebab, Banjara Kebab, Sholay Kebab in starter (₹290+), all kebabs were properly tanned and marinated in appropriate quantity, even though they looked the same, each taste different.

Hotel Asal MarathwadaMain course had a special mutton plate (₹380) and special chicken plate (₹320). Here you get goat mutton. The dryness on the plate was good, black curry was spicy, alani soup was great too. Liked more is mutton fry, chicken fry. Felt very good. The bread was getting hot, so it was fun to eat it by crushing it in juice.

Marathwada style mutton biryani told about lunch. After a long time had such a nice biryani. The mutton in the biryani was cooked so well that's it. Solkadi is a must after having so much food. How good it feels when you get a glimpse of delicious garlic and chilli. Visit if you want to eat authentic Marathwada style

Address: Hotel Authentic Marathwada

Hotel Assal Marathwada

Foodie: Madankumar Jadhav

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