Chennai TTK Road Ethiraj Kalyana Mahal available December season Sabha food

Andhra Deli has always been my favourite Andhra food delivery brand and when I knew they are at Ethiraj Kalyana Mahal till this month and serving Sabha food it was inevitable that I try them. 

December season Sabha food

Started off with a Nice, Crispy and Loaded Podi Dosa(₹150). It tasted great and then it suddenly tasted excellent when I discovered the Ginger Chutney that was served along. Not that the other Chutneys weren’t good. They were excellent too. 

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But this Allum Chutney was something that I’ve been looking for all over in Chennai. Upma Pesarattu (₹180) was soft and pregnant with an even softer textured Upma hidden inside it. Damn nice!! In the Onion Pakora + Coffee (₹120) combo , the Pakoras looked Sumaar but tasted spot-on. Kaapi was good but I like my great coffees.

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