Natural treatment of Coronavirus using Heart-leaved moonseed, orange and turmeric

Doctors who treat Coronavirus give us medicines to treat fever, cold, and throat infections that are caused by the virus. However, naturopathy expert Maria Pelsin gives simple remedies for these symptoms.


Corona will be with us forever, however, we do not have to be scared about it. There is no solid proof that the virus started spreading from Wuhan in China. Similarly, there is no evidence of it spreading from birds and animals. Meanwhile, China had recently accepted that it had destroyed the initial samples of coronavirus. We do not know how far this news is true.

No one can tell when and how the coronavirus pandemic has begun. The problem now is not its origin but how to tackle it. It is simple, we have to face it just like a normal fever. However, we should not be lethargic or be panicked.

Seenthilkodi and its effects

There is a herb known as seenthilkodi (Heart-leaved moonseed). This herb has the ability to improve immunity power and is also called as Amirtha Valli, somavalli, saagamooli, sanjeevani and aagasavalli. This grows in both urban and rural areas. For example, it is also found in Chennai as well. We will have to mix 50 grams of seenthilkodi leaves or stem with five pepper, half teaspoon cumin, water and heat it with palm sugar. This can be consumed daily and drinking this syrup works well against any sort of fever. This is also effective against fever which is accompanied by the coronavirus. Drinking this syrup for three days in the morning and evening will ensure that people stay healthy.

People in Western countries do not have the habit of consuming tulsi, ginger, pepper, turmeric, lemon, and neem leaves. Even a few people in our country also do not eat these as they feel that they are not scientifically proven to have medicinal values. However, even without their knowledge ginger and pepper make it to their meals which saves them.

The miracles of Orange

Orange has the ability to cure those who are suffering from headaches, fever, and especially typhoid. Similarly, those who have TB, throat infection, dry throat can also be benefited by consuming Orange. The salt content in the body act as a balance to remove the toxins from the human body. Orange has the ability to kill germs and consuming orange juice with hot water will immediately cure a cold. Similarly, cold, Asthma, TB, throat infection can be cured by consuming 12ml Orange juice with honey and salt. This will clear the problems in the lungs as well.

Since the peel of Orange also has medicinal benefits it can also be used to make Rasam. Orange peel can be mixed with mustard, urad dal, red chili, onion, asafoetida, turmeric, salt, and tamarind water to make rasam. Orange peel rasam can be made using another process as well. First, oil should be boiled in which mustard, red chilly, asafoetida, curry leaves should be added and fried. Then two garlic cloves should be added, then the tomato should be mixed and cooked. Later dhal water, rasapodi, turmeric powder, salt should be added. coriander leaves should be mixed when foam forms. Once the heat reduces a little, a quarter glass of orange juice and a few orange peels should be added to the mix. This will result in a yummy rasam.

Vallarai keerai

Vallarai keerai thuvayal or chutney has the capacity to cure anemia. It helps in boosting hemoglobin. It also treats wheezing, cough, throat congestion, and TB. Adding urad dhal, coconut, red chilly, garlic, and tamarind to Vallarai keerai has medicinal values.

Recently many people have turned their attention towards home remedies. In several houses, ginger, pepper, thulasi, thoodhuvalai, lemon and nellikai kashayam and juice are being made and drank. People from all caste and religion used to keep neem leaves outside their house due to its medicinal values. In fact, rasam and thuvayal can be made using neem flower. Ginger tea, sukku malli water can also be made and drank.

Virali manjal

Burning and inhaling virali manjal smoke will ease breathing. Running nose, cold asthma, breathing problems can also be cured. White garlic, thulasi, thoodhuvalai and omavalli help in treating breathing issues.

Before going to bed it is good to drink milk with 10 garlic cloves, a pinch of turmeric powder and pepper powder, and palm sugar. This will prevent chest pain, wheezing and Asthma. Asthma can also be prevented by in-taking four Tulasi leaves, vilvam leaves, pepper during lunch.

Since it is summer it is not advisable to carry out these treatments immediately. Ensure that the body temperature is not increased. Have coconut, watermelon, musk melon, palm fruit, and padhaneer. Nellikai, lemon, and orange are rich in Vitamin C and they can be consumed. It is necessary to ensure that we do not get sick with cold and cough and also to take proper medicine if we get sick. If we follow this properly, not just corona, no other disease will affect us.

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-Maria Belsin   (English Translation: Baskar Sai)

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