Top ten protein rich breakfasts to start your day

Poha is a traditional Indian meal 

Paneer Bhurji is a high-protein dish

Eggs benefits are immense

The masala dosa classic South Indian food

Do you want to start your day on a healthy note? Begin the day off right with a protein-rich breakfast! A high-protein diet is a fantastic way to get your day started. The best part is that it does not conflict with other diets.

You can continue to eat a low-carb, gluten-free, or vegan diet. Protein-rich foods, on the other hand, can find their way onto your plate and provide you with energy throughout the day. On a busy morning, how can you conjure up a protein-rich platter? Don't be concerned. 

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Here we have compiled a list of seven recipes that may be prepared in under 30 minutes.

1) Spinach Pancakes 

Mornings will be boosted with this incredibly healthy spinach, oats, and walnuts dish. To prepare a batter, combine all of the ingredients with the milk. For flavour, add vanilla extract. With this, make some wonderful pancakes and relish.

2) Soya Poha

Poha is a traditional Indian meal prepared from flattened rice. Add herb-soaked and crushed soybean to make it healthy. Add beans, peas, tomatoes, and onions to make it a vegetable feast. Add spices and lemon juice for a tart flavour.

3) Paneer Bhurji

Scrambled paneer, often known as Indian cottage cheese, is a high-protein dish. You can do this by dumping onions and garlic. Methi, coriander powder, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, cumin powder, and salt to taste can be added to the mix. You can replace paneer with tofu if you don't want to use it. 

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4) Egg Paratha

Eggs are an important protein source. Their benefits are immense. If you want to eat it for breakfast, make an egg paratha in the Indian style. Replace the ordinary flour with a high-protein option if you want to enhance your culinary game.

Eggs are an important protein source.

5) Chickpea Fritters

It does not get any healthier than this when it comes to fritters. The primary components in this dish are chickpea flour and tofu. When tomatoes, thyme, parsley, and black olives are added to the meal, it erupts with flavour.

6) Soya Uthappam

This recipe gives soybeans a delicious south Indian twist. It has a higher protein content thanks to the addition of urad dal and channa dal.

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7)  Masala dosa

The masala dosa is a classic South Indian breakfast food that is popular both in India and abroad. Making masala dosa is a time-consuming task, but it is well worth it. The dosa in this recipe is crisp and topped with a flavorful potato masala. The method for making dosa batter as well as the potato masala are both shared in this recipe post. If you do not have time, make the saadha dosa (basic dosa) with coconut chutney instead of the potato masala.

The masala dosa is a classic South Indian breakfast

8)  Sprout Salad

Sprouts salad is not only tasty but also a good way to add dietary fibre and protein to your daily diet. In addition, it makes for a light breakfast. What’s more, it also contains vitamins and minerals that can add a good punch of flavour and health to your breakfast.

9) Egg or paneer Bhurji

Paneer or egg bhurji is a protein-packed dish that should be included more in your breakfast! You can give your own twist to the bhurji by adding vegetables or extra green chilli for enhancing the taste.

10) Chilla

If you are going to make chilla, you need to know it is too versatile and comes with multiple options! You can make chilla using besan, moong daal suji or oats. All these ingredients are healthy but taste different. What’s more, these ingredients score high in the protein department! So, are you now ready to start your day with these yummy and healthy dishes? Happy cooking and happy eating, we say!

-Baskar Sai

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