My first Harvest and learning in Natural farming says a photo journalist turned farmer

Here, I feel great to share that I started taking my first earning through inter-cultivation of banana ( for Leaf and Fruit) in  coconut farm. I was born in a traditional agriculture family but my family members never Encouraged neither my siblings nor me to do farming as they didn't see any profit in it.

It's true bcoz nowadays it's very difficult to find out a good labour's , want to give them a good salary with a proper house to stay in farm , mainly we shouldn't give them any extra work and nowadays labour's are not interested to work if we got cows bcoz they need to be taken care properly the whole day but at the end our farm products rate alone will remain same.

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Raja Chidambram Farm

But, everything changed one day when I got a chance to meet Nammalvar Ayya during a national-level conference on environment held at Loyola college in Chennai. From that moment, something was striking my mind and then I obtained confidence on Agriculture after meeting Padmashri Subash Palekar ji during a 10-day-old workshop on Natural Farming held in Trichy. One thing I understood is how important is to live a sustainable life by creating our own green world around us, without getting trapped in this materialistic life. (Thanks to Covid-induced lockdown days when I went on to spend more "me" time and learned a lot about being Self sustainable)

When I quit my journalism job, many told me that I took a bad decision by leaving a monthly income source. Iterating it, some relatives, including my father  said Agriculture is not a profitable job, indirectly hinting it is not my cup of tea. But I was very clear in my decision. 

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Before taking up agriculture, we should question ourself that why we are taking up farming, (definitely it shouldn't be just on interest). Just hard work alone won't work, we need smart planning. According to me Understanding our Mother Nature, designing our farm into a integrated one with proper segregation(so that we don't need to just depend on single crop income, the whole year ) using the modern agriculture machines and finally marketing techniques are very important to become success in organic farming. (If u got a second source of income, it will give more confidence to develop your farming in a big way). One day, I'll definitely be a successful natural farmer but before that I'm coaching myself to face the problems and to learn from failure. With hope on Mother Nature, happily continuing my journey as each day is now a new day and a new opportunity..

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-Raja Chidambaram
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