Chennai Mess owner Senthilkumar offers unlimited food for 50 rupees ..

If you want life going smoothly in the Metro city of Chennai, It is important to get a place to stay and food to eat at a lower price. After some three years you can get a job.

If there is no place to stay and no proper food to eat, that will cause us stress and we will have to return to the place of departure from our home town without being able to take us to the next level. In that sense, the Triplicane (Tiruvallikeni) area in Chennai is still a bachelor’s paradise, a low-cost room and an area known for low-cost quality food.

One more part is a favorite for Chennai bachelor’s . Yes, Such is the Sri Thevar Mess operating in the Chennai Soolaimedu or Amanjikari. Senthilkumar, a native of Thanjavur, started this mess 12 years ago. We spoke on behalf of the Arokya Suvai website about the secret of his success.

“Where in the village my grandma sell Idlis in her small house. That Idli shop is the hotel for the whole village. My grandmother was very popular among many villagers because of the quality and low cost of Idli. When I asked Grandma why she was not selling at a high price.  My grandmother said that money is not important and my ear is still ringing. Is this the quality mantra for me and Mess today.

Grandma's low cost, quality food that I have been providing in Chennai. I started this mess 12 years ago. Our mess in the area around the Amajikari started to become famous.

Low Price good food in Chennai Mess

The same recipe for how we cook and eat at home is still available in my mess today. To this day it does not deviate from that standard. We make all the food spices at home. My wife Sudha makes spices at home. Most of the people who eat at the hotel, leave after finishing the meal and pay the food amount. That is the extent of the relationship between the customer and the hotel owner. I am different from this. I am sure the satisfaction of the customers who eat is important.

If those who pay after finishing the meal tell me about the any quality  issue in the food, I will address it immediately. For example, if you say that Idli is like a stone, I would say that I would have changed it if I had said it while eating. I will not buy money from those who say the food is not good. If we buy goods from other stores and return them that are not of good quality, they will give us other good products or refund the money. As well as being sure that the satisfaction of the eaters in this mess is important. That’s what has kept me in this mess business for these 12 years.


I am not the one who counts the number of how much profit is made. For me the mess is like our family, we think that those in our family should eat with satisfaction. I follow the same method here. With the customer satisfaction in mind, I implemented a plan called Unlimited Dinner for 50 rupees three months ago. The customers were very satisfied. But it could not continue due to the corona lockdown.

We only offer parcels now. The unlimited dinner program will continue when it starts operating full time again. Many ask how much profit is thus made. Profit is not a bar for me. We introduced this scheme to the customers as it is enough to get at least 5 rupees on unlimited food. That's the decent thing to do, and it should end there."


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