Lock down work experience of food delivery executives

Frontline Health workers, police and the media people work around the clock during the covid-19 pandemic lock down. Like them, food delivery people like Swiggy and zomato are involved in bringing food to the people.

In Chennai Thyagaraya Nagar, We met with some of the food  delivery agents and asked how their work is in this corona pandemic. The Nizam said, “I have been working for six months. Many apartments in Chennai are locked. Most of the family’s cook and eat for themselves. In this Corona situation people are aware of  healthy foods. That is why order in restaurants has decreased.

Most of the orders are for bachelor men. I earned Rs. 20,000 before the corona 2nd wave. It is difficult to get only Rs 15,000 now. Petrol prices are also rising day by day. Only when the corona lockdown is complete. That's when we got more money.

A young woman named Reshma works at Swiggy, “I like doing this work. Because my parents have told me that you can go for whatever job you like. I love this job because I know how to drive a two wheeler. It would be even better if customers treated us kindly during this corona period. One day I went up five floors in an apartment without a lift and handed the parcel to the customer. Customers need to understand our difficulties and act in such places, ”she said.

The experience of a swiggy employee from Southern Tami Nadu, Chennai, who did not want to be named, was horrific. "Due to the lockdown, restaurant parcel delivery should have been given a specific time. Orders close at 3 p.m. But even if the customer order arrives at 2.58PM, It has been taken by our company norms. Delivery above three o'clock is not allowed in the lockdown norms. But what I do is that some customers give orders at the last minute. But law enforcement officers like police people do not  understand. .

Recently one day  I got an order at 8.45 pm. After that I went to meet a customer to deliver his food at Velachery. Police personnel ask me why are you late?'' I told everything. 

When I took the order from the customer, When I came out of the restaurant. Only then they  trust me. Then a policeman asked me to show my driving license. I am showing my driving license and all the papers I had. Then that police officer asked me to produce your document  Xerox copies. In the lock down norms every shop including xerox stores are closed. which Xerox shop was open that night. I scanned all the documents with my mobile and sent it to WhatsApp to that police person. There will be new harassment every day like this, I have experienced”he said angrily.

Most swiggy and zomato delivery people  joined this job within a year. Those who have been expelled by the company citing corona from existing jobs, they came to this kind of job. These delivery jobs are their livelihood during this corona era. But there are so many challenges for them. However they face challenges and work to satisfy the hunger of their family.


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