Pune Yesur restaurant served perfectly cooked mutton in ghee and black masala

After seeing the viral post of 'Yesur', I wanted to go for lunch, along with that, I wanted to see who the future groom is. Reached there after finishing work in the bank. I found 4 tables, the only empty table I found as read in the post.

Menu Card is very simple, just like the A group maths in 10th standard exam, 4 options in plate, 3 options in veg. 2 options in biryani. No need to eat this or not like having a puzzle. I also asked for a special mutton fry plate without banging for a long time (₹300). Goat mutton is available here. The rates here are very affordable. Probably because there are some colleges nearby.

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It took some time (15/20 minutes) to wait but I had come preparing to wait. First hot Alani soup came, Alani made using a light coconut masala was amazing. Till then there is an alternative of plate Ali, black curry, black masala fry mutton, kharda mutton, rice, bhakri or chapati.

Pune Yesur

As usual, drink the first curry, number one, thin curry is not too spicy nor too spicy. Drink to the fullest. Finished the whole plate in the first 2 minutes. The curry is unlimited so filled the plate again 2 times. After that had a grass of black masala fry mutton (4pcs), perfectly cooked mutton in ghee and black masala on it yum. Then ate mutton kharda (3 pieces). Even if the name is Kharda, there is nothing very spicy. The bread was hot and also a size large. Ate some bread even after crushing it. Hit 4 plates as it was perfect for drinking gravy.

Hotel owner Yuvraj also came along with the rice came. Told them that they came here after reading their viral post. They found out that Misal Katta was handling the kitchen at the outlet which is beyond them from Magha.


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When Indrayani rice was running out, they gave a bowl of alani. When they asked to taste it, it tasted like alani soup, but there was a drunkard bean in it. I thought it was wrong but they said it was vegetarian bean soup. This is how amazing soup was. Bet some people won't understand that this soup isn't alani soup. Heartfelt appreciation for this creativity.

After more talks, it is known that there are only a few tables and customers waiting during rush hours are inconvenience. So going to discover a new place in a few days. Great place, affordable rate, good taste all combined so the progress of 'Yesur' is certain. Address: Yesur, shop no 6, AJ avenue building, Cummins college road, Karve nagar.


Foodie: Madankumar Jadhav

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