Village Cooking Channel has made the Cooking of Tamil Nadu world famous

His grandsons have gained global recognition for their experience as a big man and veteran chef through their Village Cooking Channel.

Grandfather and grandson

A 75-year-old elder from China Veeramangalam village in Pudukkottai district is a chef who cooks for village specials. Several thousand weddings have taken place with his culinary feast which is famous among the villagers, and his feasts have added extra specialty to the many thousand ceremonial and ear piercing ceremonies. grandsons V. Subramanian, V. Murugesan, V. Ayyanar, D. Muthumanikkam and G. Tamilselvan were engaged in cultivating 10 acres of land and working on arable land.

Entertainment-generated channel

It was only when they were thinking about what they could do the rest of the time to work on the land that the YouTube channel idea came to them. They decided they could keep their grandfather and start the channel. They had start the Village Cooking Channel in April 2018. Like other YouTube channels, their channel was a video explaining what recipes to make, how to fry, how to add spices. The number of viewers of the Village Cooking Channel was not sufficient at the initial stage. The YouTube channel, which costs up to Rs 1.5 lakh, was unnoticed.

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Live cooking channel

Then they had an idea of ​​what to do. They changed the way they presented the content that only different endeavors would succeed. They made weird videos of fishing live, picking it up, slicing it in the field, and frying it in an oil pan with spices. They spent three days making of each cooking video and gave it imaginative work. It started to get good results. From 2019 the number of visitors began to gradually increase. That's when they got Rs 37,000 as advertising revenue from YouTube. Now they get Rs 7 lakh a month from YouTube.

Extra celebrity by Rahul Gandhi

A quarter of the money that YouTube gives is spent on putting new cooking ideas into action. They spend a certain amount of money every month on food, spices, video editing. Cooking food items are being donated to orphanages, the poor, and the needy. Congress President Rahul Gandhi, who campaigned during the last assembly elections to add more specialty to the Village Cooking Channel, came to the Village Cooking Channel village to hear about them. At first it was said that Rahul would be with them for only 20 minutes. But Rahul Gandhi, seeing their different culinary endeavor, spent an hour with them. Suddenly he himself went down to the kitchen. He cooks Raita. Rahul was treated to a mushroom biryani on a banana leaf that day. After Rahul's departure, the Village Cooking Channel began to cross international borders across India. Since then it has gradually risen to reach one crore viewers. No other YouTube channel in South India has touched one crore viewers like this.

In this context, the Village Cooking Channel team is in disarray by providing Rs. 10 lakhs for the relief fund of the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. It was during this time that the last news of their channel reached one crore viewers. Creating an international record from the village, we are proud to greet these Tamilans.


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